The requirements of wild birds are the basics:  food, water and shelter.  Bird houses can provide the shelter, but before you purchase a bird house, consider the following:

What species do you want to attract?

  • Are those birds common in your area?

Will the species inhabit a birdhouse?

  • Only about a dozen species of birds, such as purple martins and wrens will make a birdhouse their home
  • Others, such as robins and swallows, prefer a nesting shelf
  • Still others prefer nature itself

Do you have the space required to attract your chosen species?

  • Purple martins prefer their houses in open areas, near water
  • Bluebirds prefer open space, so a birdhouse erected in a crowded area may only attract sparrows or starlings

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, a bird house may be a good choice for you.  Keep in mind that each species of bird has its own requirements for housing.  The size, shape and color of the house, dimensions of the entrance hole, and location of the bird houses will all determine which species the bird house will attract.

Consider these recommended sources to find a bird house to meet your needs.


Bird Houses

Sample Birdhouses
A sample of birdhouses available through this site.


The Bird Shed
Nice selection of bird houses at very reasonable prices.


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